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—  Arizona straight rye  —

Aged a minimum of 5 years at 5000’ in 200l American oak barrels and bottled at 95° proof


100% Rye

— Arizona Grown —

—  100% malted  —

—  small batch milled  —

100% in-house malted grains cracked and milled directly prior to mashing in. Open top fermented in 250 gallon bins using proprietary yeast strains. After fermentation, the beer is transfered into the stripping still, Peter V. (500 gallon), and initial cuts are made. Once all stripping is completed, the low wines are spirit distilled in Tallulah (300 gallon) using only the whiskey cap and flake stand. We use traditional flake and worm for condensing the spirit.

Once spirit distillation is completed, the whiskey is proofed with our “Magic Water®” and barreled for a minimum of 5 years in new Ozark American white oak. We specify toasting and char to match our flavour profile. The whiskey is placed into our single story rick houses at 5000’ in elevation in Rain Valley, Elgin, Arizona. Rick house temperatures have daily fluctuations of over 60°F forcing both an accelerated movement and oxidation of the whiskey, done naturally.

Once the desired flavour is attained, the barrels are selected, blended, drip proofed and hand bottled. Our malting, milling, fermentation, distillation, aging and bottling are done on-site to facilitate a truly unique Arizona Original™.

SRP: $75/750ml and $15/100ml